Common HVAC Problems

Technology and technology related products always have their pros and cons. Electric appliances or machines which operate on electricity are always subjected to frequent repairs and problems. These issues are never an exception for our heating systems and air conditioners. Check out a few issues we face on a regular basis.

Common Central-Air-Conditioner Problems
A life with-out having central air conditioners is extremely uncomfortable and downright fatal for people living in some parts of the country. Though these air conditioners are built to be secure, stable and durable; when there is lack of maintenance problems occur. Let’s see to some common central air problems.

Air Conditioner Shut Down
AC shuts down automatically/all of a sudden, without a warning or an unusual noise being made. The most common cause for this problem may be due to some unintended power interruption caused on your system. This could be easily avoided if you do a regular check on your circuit breakers and also the fuses whenever there is a power shut-down. This automatic shut-down is also likely to occur when your AC system’s compressor becomes overheated.

System Noise and Water leakage
You might have experienced an unpleasant noise arising from your AC system which is rather unusual and disturbing. This may be due to dirt deposits on your system’s compressor fan blades. Regular cleaning of your system’s compressor blades will help you avoid this problem.

No Cold Air
This problem occurs only after a considerable period of time since you installed your central air system. Lack of maintenance and cleaning may lead to this issue, or your system’s condenser might be out of refrigerant. In case of compressor defect, you can easily identify it by just touching the larger one among the copper pipes on the condenser. If you feel that the pipe is warm then the problem is most likely low refrigerant or a bad compressor.

Air Conditioner system Never Turns On
The initial step you got to do in such cases is to check if the thermostat is set to cool and the temperature is below the temperature of the air in your home or workplace. This may also be due to power cut-off at the breaker point, happened during power shutdown or increased power input reaching your home.

Heating System Problems
Winter season we all switch on our heating furnaces and heating systems to escape the cold weather. Similar to an air-conditioner, heating systems also need regular maintenance to escape frequent problems and issue related to it.

Common issues
Thermostats are the main culprits with heating systems. Thermostat issues may be due to worn-out battery or faulty wiring. Self-servicing your filters every 30 days results in more air flow and a healthy and durable heating system. Preventative maintenance goes a long way.

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