Lennox vs. Goodman Air Conditioning

When the temperature heats up and the time comes for you to start thinking about how to keep your house cool, both Lennox and Goodman air conditioning units can make a substantial and lasting difference to the comfort of your home.

Lennox International is an American-based company founded by Dave Lennox, the inventor of the first riveted-steel furnace in 1895. Four-time winner of the Energy Star Manufacturing Partner of the Year award, Lennox prides itself on its innovative products and cutting-edge technology, and places a huge emphasis on quality. With the majority of air-cooling units from Lennox boasting the Good Housekeeping Seal, a well-known symbol of outstanding quality, Lennox promises to deliver the most efficient and expertly installed air cooling units currently available on the market.

Beginning a long and prosperous career in the air conditioning business in 1954, Harold Goodman soon became one of the most successful contractors in the United States. First founded in 1975 as a manufacturer of air ducts, Goodman has since developed into a multi-national enterprise providing quality air conditioning units to residential and commercial properties since 1982. Rather than concentrating on innovative ideas, this company focuses on offering extremely reliable products at affordable prices.

Lennox offers high-efficiency air conditioning units that can save you a small fortune on your energy bills. The Dave Lennox Signature Collection Air Conditioner XC21 is especially notable in that it is a great choice for the environment. With current reports urging people to think about pollution levels and energy usage, this unit can be easily converted to use solar power, subsequently resulting in massive savings on energy bills. Lennox units also provide environmentally friendly benefits such as reducing the contaminants that are released into the air by many other rival products. Lennox products even provide a collection and disposal service for the mercury thermostats used in the cooling units, additionally contributing to keeping our atmosphere cleaner.

Goodman air conditioning units are also environmentally beneficial, and the company achieved the ISO 14001 accreditation for providing environmentally sustainable products.

With both manufacturers offer extended warranty protection on their products, and each provide a reliable and dedicated customer service team that are available to answer any query you may have concerning their air conditioning solutions and installation options. Both Lennox and Goodman air conditioning units will supply your home with a cool and comfortable feel that has a limited effect on the environment and will provide long-lasting performance.

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