Prevent HVAC Problems the Easy Way

Technological innovation has made heating and air conditioning systems more technical than in the past. Although convenience is at a record high, so are the problems that consumers are experiencing. Thankfully, throughout the years, we have identified the primary issues regarding these problems as well as the problems that trigger them to occur. In this blog post we will look at four key factors for problems with HVAC equipment and how to prevent these issues.

Ignoring Yearly Maintenance

Just like your car or truck, furnaces and air conditioners require maintenance. The problem with HVAC systems is that we take for granted them just functioning that scarcely ever do we consider the upkeep which is necessary to make certain they function correctly. Regrettably, this out of sight out of mind element of your HVAC system may cause anyone problems down the road. Therefore scheduling an HVAC company to come out as well as give a tuneup to your heating and air conditioning system is advised.

Keep Your Furnace Clear

One of the most overlooked areas where you could help your furnace is by avoiding blocking it with boxes or alternative house things. Most furnaces are not constructed to have litter surrounding them. With no clear area encompassing the furnace, you’re considerably increasing the danger of fire caused by your furnace. The same applies to your A/C unit. Your A/C unit needs space to breathe and function efficiently also.

Incorrect HVAC System Size

Bigger is not better in regards to the size of you HVAC system. Every HVAC contractor has seen countless systems that are just too large for the home. Here’s the problem, when a system is too much for the property it turns on and off more frequently than it was intended for. The off and on cycling that happens in a properly designed system is minimized and within the spec of the HVAC system. For people with a much bigger system installed the on off cycling is only too frequent meaning the component will degrade much earlier than you expected.

Proper Air Filters

Furnace filters function two functions. One is to defend the furnace system from foreign objects damaging it. The other is always to hold your air quality safe and healthy without suffocating the system. The very lowest end filters run the danger of allowing too many contaminants into the system, whereas the very best filtering air filters can choke off an excessive amount of air flow to some systems, causing inefficiency and repairs in the future.

Replacing Air Filters Regularly

How often should you replace your furnace filter? The simple answer is…when it is dirty. How long it takes for your filter to get dirty is the real question. If you have pets, run your system 24-7, you will need to change your filter more frequently than a single person who travels a lot and rarely uses their system. The best approach is to check your filter on a monthly basis, and if it is dirty, replace it. Running your HVAC system with a clogged filter causes unnecessary wear and tear and utility bill expense.

Follow these five basic tips for your HVAC system and you will enjoy less repairs, greater efficiency, and lower utility bills. However, when something breaks, think Dallas HVAC Parts for your next HVAC repair.

dallashvacpartsPrevent HVAC Problems the Easy Way