PT-151 – ProTreat Condensate Drain Pan Tablets, PanTabs

***EPA Registered***
Condensate Pan Drain Tablets

     Condition:  New
Sold: 16 oz Jar

Amount: 100 Count

     Drain pans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers or condensate pumps.


Wagner Pro-Treat 151 is an EPA-registered pan
treatment tablet that will penetrate and stop algae and
fungi growth, slime and other bio-fouling in condensate
drain pans and condensate drain lines. Pro-Treat 151
eliminates odors caused by these organisms, and prevents
pan overflows from fouling-plugged drain pans and drain
lines. It is designed to penetrate and break up accumulated
sludge and allow it to flow out of the drain pan
along with the condensate water.


Wagner Pro-Treat 151 is a simple, ready to-use tablet. The
treatment dosage is 1 tablet per ton of system capacity.
This adds convenience and economy since only one size
tablet is required for treatment even when servicing
multiple sized units.


1 tablet per ton of system capacity
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dallashvacpartsPT-151 – ProTreat Condensate Drain Pan Tablets, PanTabs