Rheem vs. Trane Air Conditioner

As more and more consumers are trying to find ways to cut costs, one of the biggest ways is by limiting home heating and cooling costs. Depending on your location and climate, air conditioning costs during the summer months can put a real drain on your expenses. When you also factor in the costs of untimely repairs and replacements, finding a dependable, energy efficient unit is more important now more than ever.

Rheem vs. Trane

Two of the leading companies in the air conditioning industry are Trane and Rheem. Both companies are industry leaders and offer a wide array of options. Once you have consulted a professional air conditioning contractor and determined the right size and capacity required to cool your home adequately, the next step is selecting a brand to research such as Rheem vs. Trane.

Rheem Air Conditioning Units

Rheem units are known for their technological advances in limiting environmental impact by using refrigerants that don’t pollute the atmosphere with chlorofluorocarbons or hydro-fluorocarbons which can leak from most standard units and are proven to be harmful to the ozone layer. Most units come equipped with a comfort control system that performs routine systems diagnostics and displays the results on an LED display which can be read by contractors or repair technicians and help quickly resolve issues. There is also an auto-shut off feature that shuts down the compressor to prevent operation during harmful conditions. All units are housed in a durable casing to prevent environmental damage. The units are quiet and direct air upward, away from shrubs, bushes and structures. Operation is quiet and performance is rated at or above industry standards when measured against comparable units. All units come standard with 10 year warranties.

Trane Air Conditioners

Trane is a company widely recognized as the industry leader. As well as producing powerful, energy efficient units, Trane central air conditioners are also at the leading edge of technology for intuitive climate control. They utilize what Trane calls Comfortlink II communicating technology. By linking the system to communicating indoor units, Trane models are able to monitor and adjust internal climate settings to maximize efficiency and comfort. By using this feature, users are able to access their unit remotely through Internet and smartphone consoles to monitor performance and change individual settings. Trane units also have the option to add a filtration system which acts as a built-in air purifier to limit the proliferation of air contaminants such as pollen and dust particles. Trane units come with a 10-year warranty plus an additional 2 years on the compressor.

Both companies offer high quality, high performance units with a number of options to meet the needs of homeowners. The decision on which brand to purchase, may come down to pricing, availability and recommendations of a licensed contractor.

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